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Jasmine (Geisha Halo Bar) - Geisha Halo Bars
Jasmine (Geisha Halo Bar) - Geisha Halo Bars
Jasmine (Geisha Halo Bar) - Geisha Halo Bars

Jasmine (Geisha Halo Bar)

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Acts as a Stress Reliever

Jasmine is used for aromatherapy across the world. Massage your scalp using your fingertips. It deep conditions your hair with the essential nutrients that are healthy for your hair growth. The aroma from the 100% natural Jasmine within the Geisha Halo Bar will act as an natural stress reliever.

Cures Dry and Itchy Scalp

Do you have a dry and itchy scalp? You won’t, once you start using the Jasmine Geisha Halo Bar. Make sure you clean your hair with it at least twice a week. Its moisturizing properties cleanse your scalp, bidding dryness and itchiness a final goodbye. The moisture locks itself between the hair and the scalp, making your hair soft and supple.

Boosts Hair Growth

The natural, cold pressed ingredients, in our Geisha Halo Bar is a great combination for hair growth and it adds volume to your hair as well. Jasmine strengthens the roots of your hair. It makes sure that while your hair grows, it does not become hard.

Untangle Your Hair

Our Jasmine Geisha Halo Bar is suitable for all hair types. If you have frizzy, dry, tangible, curly, coarse or even Afro-textured hair, the Jasmine Geisha Halo Bar would be ideal for you. It helps tame your hair in a way that it finally does what you want it to.

Removes Head Lice and Dandruff

Our Jasmine Geisha Halo Bar has anti-microbial properties that check the growth of microbes in your hair. The strong scent of Jasmine flushes out head lice. When mixed with carrier oils, it is even more effective in reducing dandruff and lice. You can also use our Peppermint Geisha Halo Bar to get rid of dandruff.

Make your Hair Shine

Clean your hair with the Geisha Halo Bar at least twice a week to make your hair shinier. If you wish for better results, you can mix it with coconut or olive oil. Apply these oils for a month to have shiny hair that you always dream of having. Jasmine also makes your hair softer with regular application.

  • We use the Highest Quality Ingredients that leave hair shiny, healthy, and smelling amazing.
  • All Natural: Chemical Free* SLS Free* Perfume Free.
  • Premium Sourced ingredients from the Sagano Bamboo Forest in Japan.
  • 100% natural ingredients and other essential oils create the wonderful scent!
  • Safe for all Color-treated hair. Cleans beautifully and won't strip hair or burn eyes.
  • Each bar good for up to 80 wonderful washes.

Premium Natural Ingredients: glycerin, water, shea butter, olive oil, cypress oil, jasmine oil, jasmine extract, horse clove extract, ylang-ylang extract, macadamia (nut oil), cocoa butter, jojoba oil