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Lavender (Geisha Halo Bar) - Geisha Halo Bars
Lavender (Geisha Halo Bar) - Geisha Halo Bars
Lavender (Geisha Halo Bar) - Geisha Halo Bars

Lavender (Geisha Halo Bar)

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Prevents and Kills Hair Lice
Studies have found that the Lavender Geisha Halo Bar can help in keeping hair lice at bay. It also has properties that could kill hair lice.

Reduces Inflammation Of The Skin
Our Lavender Geisha Halo Bar can be helpful in treating infections of the scalp and scalp dryness. It helps in reducing inflammation and also speeds up the healing process. This results in healthier, silkier, and better looking hair.

Promotes Hair Growth
Lavender recently gained popularity for its benefits on hair. According to a study conducted in 2016, lavender applied on mice made them grow more hair than usual. The hair of the mice also grew thicker and faster than normal. It is said that lavender may help in treating pattern baldness. 

Calming Effect
The soothing aroma of our Lavender Geisha Halo Bar can help in calming down your nervous system. People tend to feel more relaxed, pleasurable and enhanced mood after applying the Lavender Geisha Halo Bar on hair.

According to a 2014 review of lavender, it has antimicrobial properties which help in preventing the growth of bacteria and fungi. When our cold pressed Lavender Geisha Halo Bar® is applied on hair or scalp, it helps in preventing common scalp issues like itchy scalp, dandruff, and infections.

  • We use the Highest Quality Ingredients that leave hair shiny, healthy, and smelling amazing.
  • All Natural: Chemical Free* SLS Free* Perfume Free.
  • Premium Sourced ingredients from the Sagano Bamboo Forest in Japan.
  • 100% natural ingredients and other essential oils create the wonderful scent!
  • Safe for all Color-treated hair. Cleans beautifully and won't strip hair or burn eyes.
  • Each bar good for up to 80 wonderful washes.

Premium Natural Ingredients: glycerin, water, shea butter, olive oil, lavender oil, lemon oil, lime oil, juniper oil, frankincense extract